"a film of quiet intensity which creates a lived-in world stacked with fully realized characters you want to get to know". 

- Vail Film Festival, 2020

VAIL Film Festival Q&A with Director & Cast:

SOCHI Film Festival Q&A with Director & Cast:

FINALIST: la femme int'l film festival

Best Feature Writer: Flavia Casà

WINNER: Unrestricted View Film Festival


NOMINEE: Unrestricted View Film Festival

Best Actress: Harriet Rees

Best Actor: Jack Loy

Best  director: Flavia Casà

FINALIST: European Cinematography Awards

Best Feature Film: Flavia Casà

Winner:Sochi Int'l Film Festival & AWARDS



Winner: LOndon int'l motion picture awards

Best UK Actress: Janine Birkett

Best UK Actor: Jack Loy

Best  supporting Actor: MArk Wingett

FINALIST: The trailer film festival

nominee: Top Indie film awards 

Best feature: Flavia Casà

best cinematography: tim jolly 

best music: alejandro romero

Theatrical SCREENINGS:

Hackney Picturehouse

official selection:

New Filmmakers Ny

Dumbo Film Festival


top 15 % finalist: academy nicholl fellowship

Top 20 finalist: roy w. dean film grant 

Reunited in a British seaside town, three generations of women seek change in and outside the boundaries of their home, and hire a mysterious stranger named Nick to renovate it. Marielle, the youngest, finds her loyalties tested by his surprising charm, and dives into an affair which quickly spins out of control. Nadine, the matriarch of the family, feels inspired to rekindle the acting dreams of her youth. And Marielle's older sister, Adrienne, uses Nick as a distraction during her break-up with her husband Hugo.


As the summer heats up, Nick plays dangerous games with Marielle, exerting a brute power that
seems to mesmerise her. While he responds to the women's need for independence and inner impulses, he exposes a violent and self-destructive behavior that hurts Marielle and her family. It's up to Marielle to confront his deception and mend the family bonds, by fixing the foundations that Nick has broken. 

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The film is touring the festival circuit in 2020.

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