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We empower the next generation of
independent-minded thinkers through
storytelling & performance practise.

We help learners feel
confident in 
filming & editing their films on mobile devices,

and become strong
visual communicators.

We are passionate about using filmmaking tools to
improve soft skills in young people.

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to improve communication
& develop public speaking

to build leadership &
decision-making abilities

to give constructive feed-
back & thrive as a team

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Our Courses




In this one-hour workshop, students go in-depth with their ideas, and turn their stories into a script.


They will work with plot & character tools to further develop this craft.

- Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm


UK timezone

Ages 18-12

£15 | $21 | €18





The whole filmmaking process under 90 mins! 


Students are introduced to the whole process, share their ideas,

& practice on their home devices. 

- Thursdays 5-6:25pm

- Sundays 4-5:25pm

UK timezone

Ages 8-12

£15 | $21 | €18




A 4-week intensive where students capture their very own short film!


We focus on live-action stories using professional techniques.

- 4 x Sundays each month


UK timezone

Ages 8-12

£66 | $91 | €71



Twickenham Film Studios

A 4-week professional training course where young adults learn the specificities of writing, cinematography, & editing to capture the very best content. From stop-motion to YouTube videos, each student crafts their own unique high-quality movie!

- 4 x Sundays each month


UK timezone

Ages 13-16

£120 | $165 | €144

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What do they need to prep before class?
smartphone, tablet, or camera with enough space to
record video. We suggest downloading DaVinci Resolve free
version (Mac or PC) if you don't already use an
editing app. 
How can parents support their child during the course?
Guardians are encouraged to share
which soft skill they'd
like their child to improve upon
& we'll personalise sessions
where possible. For the 4-week course, friends & family
are invited to
watch the students' finished films!
What activities will students participate in? 
Our classes are a mix of theory discussions, interactive
games, independent thinking, 
& hands-on practice! 
Online, we create a true
virtual film set environment, where
kids can collaborate with others from
around the globe
How advanced are the classes?
Students don't need any prior filmmaking experience, but
classes are designed to support more tech-savvy learners.
demystify the filmmaking process to make it accessible
for people of all backgrounds
& levels.
Who are the instructors?
CineMavericks was founded by NYU Film graduate Flavia 
Casà. Her mission is to help young people
craft their unique
points of view
and expand their imaginations through film
Instructors are a mix of industry professionals, educators, 
community builders, and creative facilators.  


The Mavericks Blog

Founder Flavia Casà curates weekly content for families
to enjoy together,centered around storytelling.

From films & cinematography, to cooking & poetry,

Flavia writes about
what inspires her and what she
learns from in her career as a writer/director.

If students enjoyed our courses and
want to further their filmmaking
experience, they are welcome to: 


and engage with articles &
that Flavia shares!

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Joins Us on the (Virtual) Film Set!

sign up to one of our online courses below:


The class was very interesting & the teachers were amazing!

SF Friends School Student, 12 (San Francisco, USA)

We can all work together to get it done, & have fund along the way!

Hoxton Hall Student, 13 (London, UK)

Birkbeck, University of London Student (London, UK)

This was a delightful class & it was fun to create films together. 

Beacon High School Student, 14 (London, UK)

Thank you so much for the class, it was so much fun & I can't wait for the next one!

Did your child enjoy the class? Leave us a review on your preferred platform: 

Did your child enjoy the class? Leave us a note on your preferred platform: 

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Did your child enjoy the class? Leave us a note on your preferred platform: