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CineMavericks x Outschool

This week at CineMavericks, we have been reviewing what makes our courses tick! After joining Outschool and holding 4 classes, we have taken the time to re-evaluate how virtual learning can really benefit creativity in young people.

After going online this summer due to the pandemic, we have evolved into expanding our online offering, and even feeling that this format works better than a traditional film school that limits itself to one location (and a specific group of people).

1. We Can Go Global

We connect from London, but have worked with students from all over the world: California, Minnesota, South Africa, North Carolina, West Virginia, to name a few. It's beautiful to see kids come together and collaborate with peers they wouldn't never have the opportunity to meet with otherwise. This exposes young people to a diverse range of cultures and environments, that greatly helps improve their storytelling sensibilities.

2. We Focus On Inclusion

Similarly, we have had the joy to work with people from all backgrounds. We believe that filmmaking should be accessible to all, our affordable courses welcome students from low-income families. Because we focus on each students's individual progress, young people with learning difficulties are also welcome.

Through this open online format, we create a non-judgemental and safe space where kids can be themselves when they join. They are already at home, in their place that gives them comfort, so experimenting with videography in this environment allows for each individual to have fun, while learning.

3. Collaboration Comes First

Because this is virtual, one challenge was how to emulate a real film set which would seemingly work better in a traditional film school. Online, we learned that we can actually enhance collaboration by teaming people up, and have them work together on one film. For example, if a student is filming in their room, their partner, on zoom, would be watching the shoot & directing it. They would advise how the lighting is, if props are needed, and have control over how the scene looks. Therefore, students get the classic hands-on experience, while working with someone from across the globe. Pretty cool, huh?


We encourage all levels to expose themselves to home filmmaking, because through this medium they can improve soft skills like communication & collaboration.

Want your kids to improve their storytelling and filmmaking skills?

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