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Going to the Movies!

Hi friends! This is our first post of 2022, and I want to dedicate this one to the joy of going to the cinema. After almost two years of the pandemic separating us from loved ones and halting many of our social activities, I really believe that 2022 can be a year where we reconnect with our former selves and rediscover the things we love.

For me, one of the big empty gap that I want to fill is that of going to the movies. While I've gotten used to small screen consumption, I recently went to the cinema 3 times in 10 days, and I felt rejuvenated by the collective experience of immersing yourself in storytelling.

The first film I saw was a feature part of the Atlas of Belonging series taking place at the ICA and Ciné Lumière in London. Mayak (The Lighthouse) is about a woman who travels back to her war-torn Armenian village to try to get her grandparents to leave with her. In the process she rediscovers herself, and the film is a sensitive portrait of generations reconnecting amid a tragically beautiful landscape.


The second film I saw was PT Anderson's Licorice Pizza. I am a huge fan of his, and believe it or not his film There Will Be Blood was one of the works that inspired me to go to film school. I actually saw that movie about 10 times in the cinema! It was just the most thrilling experience and I caught every opportunity to experience the story anew.

This one has a very different vibe of course, much more lighthearted with a few surprising twists & turns that never stray too far away. I am a big fan of coming-of-age stories, especially from the female perspective, so this was an interesting take on the characters stubbornly staying within their youth and never growing into adulthood.

The third film I saw was Kenneth Branagh's Belfast, and this was a great example of a movie that has a serious undertone, but it's layered with humour and warmth. I find that often blending those genres doesn't really work, and it leaves the viewer confused at the film's tone. But here, the balance of the two worked beautifully and it was lovely to see an naive tale of childhood against the harsh realities of the era.

So I would love to know! What have you seen recently? Have you been back to the movie theatre recently? Did you enjoy the experience more than watching films at home? Thank you for sharing your thoughts! #movies #movietheater #cinema #belfastfilm #licoricepizza #ica #paulthomasanderson #jamiedornan #alanahaim #2022goals #bigscreen #filmschool #filmschoolforkids #filmmaking #onlineclasses #halftermcamps

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