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NERF: UPLOAD - A YouTube Masterclass

Last week, my team at CineMavericks collaborated with #NERF to create an amazing world where kids unlocked their imaginations and learned to become content creators! This was an action-packed event, where a hundred 8 to12 year-olds learned to capture videos, create unique trickshot scenarios, edit their team's clips, and upload their finished products to YouTube - all in 3 hours!

For this, our CineMavericks filmmaking experts in camera & lighting, post-production, and performance worked together to provide a bespoke experience that put collaboration & creativtiy at the forefront of the videography process.

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Alongside the production of their movies, we collaborated with #influencers to inspire these future YouTubers. Our programme included a #trickshot demo with #DanielCutting, an unboxing tutorial with #Morgz, and career advice with #AJ & #Sharky.

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Our Mission

At CineMavericks, we believe that filmmaking should be accessible to all. Here, kids worked with iPhones, iMovie, and ring lights to bring their creations to life. These are all popular home devices that can be available in most households. We pride ourselves in empowering young people from any background to use their available resources, and tell their story through video.

Everyone has a unique point of view, and tools within smartphones can easily help anyone's perspective shine. At this NERF event, every team used different special effects, soundtracks, lighting tricks, and camera angles to craft their own vision.

To see movies brought to life in a mere 3 hours was amazing, and we couldn't be prouder of the positive energy & decision-making skills these teams of kids formed together. As a result, not only did they produce their own content, but they also learned a host of audio-visual skills that will no doubt help many of their future endeavors. In today's media-centered world, any field is dependent on strong visual communication, and this workshop brought each young person one step closer to understanding the power of video. We can't wait to see these future YouTubers take content creation by storm!

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We encourage all levels to expose themselves filmmaking, because through this medium they can improve vital soft skills like communication & collaboration.

Want your kids to improve their storytelling and filmmaking skills?

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